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In a rapidly changing world, you need the full picture in order to lead. And the full picture comes from the only professional membership body that represents the entire financial services industry - Finsia. It’s the place where leaders are born and where they grow. It’s where you’ll find CEOs of the major banks, execs from over half the ASX 200 and today and tomorrow’s leading fintech entrepreneurs.

 So if you want to get ahead in the world of finance, go where the leaders go and join Finsia.

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Finsia Board Nominations

Professional Members can nominate for the Board at any time during the year using the prescribed nomination form. It is the responsibility of the Director Nominations Committee to review each nomination and advise the Nominations and Remuneration Committee of the Board on each nomination, according to the committee’s terms of reference.

In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (Finsia), an election of Directors will be held before the next Annual General Meeting (AGM). Any Director who has held office for three or more consecutive AGMs or more than three years since the AGM at which he or she was last elected must retire. Any Directors appointed since the last AGM must also retire. Retiring Directors are eligible for re-election.

To be eligible for election to the Finsia Board, a candidate must be a Professional Member (i.e. Life Member, Senior Fellow, Fellow, Senior Associate or Associate).

A nomination for election must be received in writing using the prescribed nomination form. It must include the written consent of the candidate and be signed by two Members who are Senior Fellows. A nomination must also include a brief statement (200 words maximum) setting out the candidate’s qualifications and experience in the financial services industry and any other relevant information.

Nominations must be received by the Company Secretary no later than 5.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on 5 April 2017.

If the number of nominations received is equal to or less than the number of positions, no ballot is required and those persons nominated shall be declared elected at the AGM on 31 May 2017. If a ballot is required, a duly appointed Returning Officer, will advise members of the procedures for electronic voting via an election website. The result of the election will be declared at the AGM.

Finsia’s Constitution and By-Laws are available from the Company Secretary or from Finsia’s website www.finsia.com.

Finsia AGM advance notice
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of members of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (Finsia) will be held on 31 May 2017 at 5.30pm AEST in Sydney.

The AGM is an opportunity to receive the Report of the Board at 31 December 2016, consider the Annual Financial Report 2016, and announce the Directors elected to the Board for 2017.

Following the AGM, members are invited to join directors for drinks.

The formal notice of the meeting will be confirmed to members and advertised on the Finsia website closer to the date.

For any questions, contact the Company Secretary, Finsia, Level 18, 1 Bligh Street, Sydney, 2000, phone +61 2 9275 7900 or email companysecretary@finsia.com.