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The problem with LICs

A lot of investors have been sold a story about listed investment companies and will have reason to be disappointed.

The problem with LICs

Byers to banks: wait a couple of months

Our prudential regulator won’t be waiting for an international committee to take the lead on setting capital requirements for banks as it has said it would in the past; instead it will inform the big four how much capital they need to be holding in coming months.


Here come the fintech herbivores

Regtech is coming. Already, within the growing fintech segment, “regtech” has taken a decent slice of funding, and experts expect it to continue to grow.


What to expect from IPOs this year

Apart from capital market optimists, there are few professionals getting excited about the prospects of the IPO market this year.


CBA backs branches despite digital take off 

The country’s largest bank continues to make a case of the existence of bank branches and ATMs despite revealing a meteoric rise in digital services during its first half results this week.


60 seconds with …

Ken Swan, The Wealth Academy, director.


Suspect trades in the spotlight this earnings season

The securities regulator is watching closely for trading in shares in listed companies which may be informed by confidential information this reporting season.


Why it’s now time to remember China

While newly elected US President Donald Trump owns the headlines and Twitter airwaves at the moment, it’s quite possible China could end up dominating geopolitical issues this year.


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Head to head: Future Fund vs NZ Super Fund

Forget All Blacks versus Wallabies, Diamonds versus Silver Ferns, Russell Crowe versus Hugh Jackman; the biggest trans-Tasman rivalry is actually being fought out on the finance front.

Head to head: Future Fund vs NZ Super Fund

Would you give back your bonus?

“Role modelling” could have the biggest effect on narrowing or at least keeping in check the gap between the pay of CEOs and average workers, global experts agree.

Would you give back your bonus?

Why funds managers are primed for disruption

Walk into the office of most well-regarded boutique funds managers — this correspondent has been into a few — and you’ll find it resembles more the domain of an academic or university professor, not a high-flying player in finance.

Why funds managers are primed for disruption

Why 2017 is the year of the intern rising

Mentoring, internships and on the job training are among the workplace initiatives set to surge this year following discussions by world leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week.

Why 2017 is the year of the intern rising

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