About us

FINSIA recognises the current challenges facing the financial services sector, the appetite for change and the need for a professional industry body to help restore pride and trust in the financial services community by raising standards of professionalism.  

FINSIA is the right vehicle to drive change. 

This is a great opportunity to be a part of this change and the change starts with you.

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Annual reports

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Board Charter

FINSIA''s Board Charter governs the appointment, selection and competencies of the Board and Regional Councils.



FINSIA''s By-Laws govern membership requirements, resignations, expulsions, rights and responsibilities, fees and elections.



FINSIA''s Constitution outlines the institute's purpose and the basic framework for FINSIA's processes, including appointment, powers and duties of Board members, liabilities, assets, and income.


Code of Conduct

FINSIA is committed to raising standards in financial services by fostering professional development and market integrity. We do this by connecting people and knowledge, promoting ethical and effective practice; and championing the status of our members and stature of our industry.

To ensure this high standard is maintained, a Code of Conduct has been developed for all FINSIA members. The code should be read in conjunction with FINSIA's constitution and by-laws, policies and procedures.


Complaint Handling Policy 


Director Nominations Committee — Terms of reference

The Director Nominations Committee is an advisory sub-committee of the Nominations and Remuneration Committee of the Board. The objectives of the committee are to fairly and objectively seek and nominate qualified candidates for election or appointment to the FINSIA Board. 

Professional Members can nominate for the Board at any time during the year using the prescribed nomination form and it is the responsibility of the Director Nominations Committee to review each nomination and advise the Nominations and Remuneration Committee of the Board on each nomination, according to the committee’s terms of reference. To allow nominations to be considered by the Director Nominations committee, the constitution and By Laws provide that nominations for election as a Director must be submitted to FINSIA at least 12 weeks prior to the AGM.


Email FINSIA’s Company Secretary for further information about FINSIA’s governance.