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Honesty, integrity and good behaviour - How do you demonstrate and validate these characteristics in today’s financial climate?

The interactive two-hour workshop explores real-life ethical challenges experienced in the workplace. 

Participants vote on how they would respond to real life case studies using individual interactive voting machines. Participants discuss and debate the merits of each choice and suggest actions that could be taken.

Developed to encourage finance professionals to recognise real life situations that represent ethical dilemmas and decide the best response to ensure they act with integrity.

Price when you book one workshop


Price when you book two or three workshops for the same price and location


per workshop

When you book one workshop.

This is only $30 per person (based on 70 total attendees during a day).

Introduction to ethics and integrity in financial services

Our facilitators offer strong context and purpose through current real life examples which demonstrate the impact of poor ethical decisions in business, politics, sport and financial services.

Discuss and debate

  • Present a range of real life ethical dilemmas.
  • Participants have to choose how they would react and participate in small group discussions before voting using individual voting machines.
  • Debate and discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of each choice among the audience is encouraged.