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60 seconds with Clare Payne, The Ethics Centre Fellow for Ethics in Banking and Finance; The Banking and Finance Oath, Director

by InFinance | 01 Jun 2017

We've read your title, now tell us how you would describe what you ACTUALLY do to a friend at a BBQ?

I tend to hold multiple positions at once so giving my “title” isn’t simple. Since starting my career as a lawyer I’ve had a range of titles from solicitor to ethics advisor and integrity officer. What I do is advocate for ethics in business, with a specific focus on banking and finance.

#6 Clare Payne

What's the biggest factor that's shaping your industry right now?

A loss of trust and belief that the industry can do what is right.

What led you to pursue your career path in the first place and can you remember where and when the light bulb came on?

The light bulb has always been on. My career path has rolled out in front of me as I’ve pursued what I’m interested in and what I think is right. Since my first job as a lawyer, no executive role I’ve had has existed before. From being an employment lawyer to managing an Integrity office in an investment bank to advocating for tobacco-free investment, I’ve always had a strong belief in and personal and professional passion for what I do.

To what extent have your career goals changed/remained the same?

The bigger picture has never changed, I want to be part of creating a good society and I want to contribute my skills in the best way I can. Goals for specific projects change, if anything they get bigger and bolder.

What is the one thing you would have done differently in hindsight getting to where you are now?

I should have called out the pay gap along the way by asking for transparency, and then (most likely) asking for more.

Who is your most influential or inspirational professional influence and why?

I couldn’t narrow it down to one. So many people influence me in different ways. Right now I’m finding young professionals inspiring, I like the clarity with which they see the world.


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