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60 Seconds with Will Leitch, Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) CEO

by InFinance | 25 Jul 2017

We've read your title, now tell us how you would describe what you ACTUALLY do to a friend at a BBQ?

I run the world’s first equity-based crowdfunding platform that matches potentially high-growth, industry transformative companies with curious, entrepreneurial and smart investors who want to have access to the next “big thing”. Will Leitch

What's the biggest factor that's shaping your industry right now?

New regulation that will be implemented on the 28th of September of this year that will allow us as a platform to advertise our offerings and also allow an unlimited number of retail investors to participate in our capital raises.

What led you to pursue your career path in the first place and can you remember where and when the light bulb came on?

I have been fortunate enough across my career to always work in companies where their business models have been cutting edge and dynamic. It is working with business models that are class leading and driving innovation and disruption that really interests me. The light-bulb moment came for me with ASSOB when I first looked at its history – world’s first equity crowdfunding site that has raised capital for over 176 companies - and realising that I could use my skill-set to help turbo-charge the early stage sector of the Australian economy. The ASSOB platform is in reality a digital-finance ecosystem that helps transition companies across their early stage expansion and evolution whilst matching them with anyone who wants to participate with them as an investor on their journey.

To what extent have your career goals changed/remained the same?

If anything, my career goals have increased as we provide more and more positive outcomes for companies that list through the ASSOB platform.

The drastic need in the Australian economy for our platform to provide highly credentialed, potentially high-growth and industry disruptive companies to all investors (be it institutions through to the retail self-managed super funds), the pathway and capital to grow and achieve their potential means we have more and more work to help deliver the jobs and growth the Australian economy requires.

What is the one thing you would have done differently in hindsight getting to where you are now?

I would have assembled earlier in my career, like-minded individuals around me who are prepared to challenge the status quo and to risk failure. The risk of failure and the people who are prepared to put themselves through the anguish and the sleepless nights because they believe there is a better way to do things have their own energy and excitement which helps push you to always challenge and improve.

Who is your most influential or inspirational professional influence and why?

It sounds cliché but in reality it is my father who showed me what drive, determination, client service and excellence looked like as a kid. This has left me with a permanent desire to continue to foster excellence and drive for the best outcome, no matter the walls that have to be removed to get you there.


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