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Holiday half dozen

by Lewis Panther SA FIN | 12 Dec 2018
Picking somewhere to go next year might be the furthest thing from your mind right now. 500 Holiday half dozen - FINSIA - InFinance

After all, the holidays are almost upon us and it’s time to head to the beach or chill out around the pool.

But if you are looking for a place to visit in 2019 as I often do while I’m still on a current break, the guides and top 10s are starting to drop into inboxes around the world. Here are a half a dozen hotspots, as well up and coming must-see destinations for you to ponder. 


Lonely Planet has Sri Lanka as the number 1 country to visit and it's easy to see why. 
Gorgeous beaches, beautiful countryside dotted with temples and tea plantations and an economy geared up to a laid-back lifestyle make it a worthy winner of the prestigious accolade.

Talk of Sri Lanka being like Bali of 20 years ago makes the place even more appetising. 

Time to go: Rainfall can be intense so it does need a bit of extra research depending on where you are going.


Sitting behind Germany at number 3 from the same list, the southern African country that is emerging from the shadows of Robert Mugabe’s reign has long been a favourite with intrepid travellers.

But it’s now reaching a wider audience. Big Five-filled national parks, the Victoria Falls, it is certainly worth doing a bit of research. Throw in a twin centre trip to Kenya or Tanzania for more safaris and a bit of a beach break.

Time to go: May to October.


Hot on the heels of Costa Rica and Columbia as the latest places to visit in Latin America, Panama has a similar profile. Coasts on both the Pacific and Caribbean, sensational tropical biospheres with a fairly notorious troubled recent history but now emerging into the tourism limelight. Panama City will mark its 500th anniversary next year. The capital where Simon Bolivar plotted for independence for Latin America is getting a makeover. Hip hotels and trendy restaurants are opening up on regular basis.

Time to go: Up until April is the dry season.


Another gem in the Caribbean. Its coast is fringed by the world’s second-largest barrier reef, so it will be a sort of home from home for Queenslanders. The incredible 124m deep Blue Hole is a must-dive hot spot. And the country is also a cornucopia of some of the most extensive and accessible cave systems in the Americas. With a government keen to protect its unique marine environment, eco resorts are cropping up for travellers to enjoy without damaging such a golden goose. So better get there before the crowds.

Time to go: November to April.


If you are heading long-haul to Europe, it will definitely be worth getting off the beaten track. Slovenia offers the best of all worlds but at rock bottom prices. While the 50km of beaches across the Adriatic from Venice aren’t much to write home about, there are beautiful mountain lakes for those looking for action-packed adventure. Skiing in winter gives way to exploring Gothic, green cities during the summer months - with some cycling and kayaking thrown in along the way. It’s also becoming a magnet for foodies.

Time to go: December to March to ski or May to September to enjoy summer.


Another cheaper option if you are thinking of heading all the way to Europe - especially as the dollar is buying five-plus lira at the moment. Lots of spectacularly blingy, yet reasonably-priced hotels have sprouted up along the gorgeous Mediterranean coast over the past decade to cater for the burgeoning East European market. But step outside and you can step back in time to visit historic relics, eat at wonderful restaurants and dive into the crystal clear waters in rocky coves dotted along he country’s 8,300 coastline.

Time to go: April to October if you want it hot.


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