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Latest Chartered Banker by Experience cohort honoured by RBA’s Guy Debelle

by Lewis Panther | 12 Mar 2020
The number of Chartered Bankers who have graduated through FINSIA’s drive to professionalise the industry is now into double figures.

FINSIA’s latest cohort on the Chartered Banker by Experience programme were honoured at a celebratory graduation dinner where Guy Debelle and Vanessa Beggs were special guests.

The dinner was also attended by Giles Cuthbert, Managing Director of the Chartered Banker Institute who welcomed graduates to the Chartered Banker community.

The graduates who’ve the highest qualifications in banking after completing the fast track course spent time talking to the RBA Deputy Governor and the ABA Chief Operating Officer about professionalism.

FINSIA CEO Chris Whitehead Chartered Banker F FIN said: “It was tremendous to have Guy and Vanessa at the dinner where our graduates had the chance to raise questions.

“Guy was able to share his own experience of the work he did in foreign exchange markets.

“And it’s now more vital than ever that we need to instil those core banking skills that focus on being prudent with other people’s money across the whole industry. 

“So it’s pleasing to have another cohort of busy senior executives who clearly think it is important to go through Chartered Banker by Experience.”

The graduates at the dinner were Regional Australia Bank chief risk officer Campbell Nicoll, Irene Yu, Director, Multicultural Banking – Client Acquisition at Westpac, Judo Bank Managing Director Stephen Mifsud, Judo Bank Managing Director Relationships Kris Whitehead, RACQ Regional Manager Claire Farquhar and Executive Manager CommSec Central Controls Office Davin Gaynes. 

President Victoria Weekes said: “It’s great to see more people qualifying through Chartered Banker by Experience because it shows we have leaders who want to be role models for professional standards.

“Their commitment to that and constantly improving their skills in a rapidly changing environment proves they are leading by example and dedicated to exceeding community expectations.”

Regional Australia Bank chief risk officer Campbell Nicoll who was a guest at the dinner previously spoke to InFinance about the benefits of the course.

“To be successful we need to ensure that the customers interests are respected as well as the Banks which means a Banker has more than one interested party,” he said. 

“Given these competing demands there is the need for good quality courses to assist Bankers develop deeper skills. 

“The Chartered Banker programme is unique and I would encourage people who are looking for a career in Banking to undertake the Chartered Banking programme as it will deepen their skill set and provide specific skills that are unique to the Banking industry.”

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Fellow diner Irene Yu, Director, Multicultural Banking – Client Acquisition at Westpac, said the course helped her recognise the industry’s need to become a corporate citizen.
“It's been a good opportunity to sit down and reflect on the journey I've had in banking over the last 10 years,” said Irene whose experience has seen her working around the world through the GFC and the Asian Financial Crisis.
“Often I don't get the chance to reflect that far out. Usually it's just one year resolutions to work through.
“I’ve seen different economic cycles, different banks with different appetites, and how we handle customer situations. How we navigated the economic environment over the last 10 years. 
“The economy has progressed at such a fast pace, particularly in technology and the digital space we are in today. 
“It’s also helped me see how connected we are globally. Banking and finance plays a key role to really help drive the heartbeat of the economy. 
“We play an important role. Though a lot of the time we take it for granted and only focus on what we do day to day.
“If we step back and look at how far we come from, and how far the industry has evolved as well, I think it's remarkable.”

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