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Finsia Significance of the Gender Divide in Financial Services survey

Is your employer committed to gender diversity in principle and in practice?

FINSIA's survey reveals how men and women view gender equity strategies in the workplace.

Gender equity

Previous survey results

Our 2014 survey revealed what people think are the real issues that need to be addressed to increase gender equity in the workplace.

Gender equality is a concern for everyone and has adverse impacts in all sorts of ways — and therefore all staff have a role to play to change the situation.

Survey participant 2014

The survey measures attitudes to:

  • pay equity and transparency;
  • gender composition at senior executive and board level;
  • workplace flexibility; and
  • cultural perceptions about the role of working parents.

Importantly, it finds that cultural change is critical to changing perceptions and building more diverse leadership in the industry.

The culture needs to change to allow men to take up more flexible work options — until workplace practice sees men as the norm in working flexibly too, women will always remain at a disadvantage.

Survey participant 2014

By building awareness and encouraging conversation we hope to maximise the diversity dividend and strengthen our industry. 

The best thing that our organisation can do is be successful. That means meeting the clients’ needs. That requires diversity. Not just gender.

Survey participant 2014

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