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They Say ...

“They Say ...” takes on the myths which continue to hold sway in Australia’s financial services industry and stymie true gender diversity — at a cost to Australian companies.

The series features four female executives at different career stages: prominent industry figures, Ann Sherry (CEO, Carnival Australia) and Gai McGrath (Westpac) as well as accomplished younger generation executives, Olivia Engel (State Street Global Advisors) and Angela French (GE Capital).  

Drawing on personal experience Sherry, McGrath, Engel and French dismantle four big career-stoppers, the things “they” say about women at work.  

FINSIA’s research shows that, as far as women are concerned, changing the culture of the workplace is the most important step to increasing gender diversity. “They Say …” goes to the heart of this by using the first-person observations of experienced women to shoot down the myths which shape the culture of work.

Their insights are especially illuminating for corporate leaders who want to know what women in their organisations really think. 

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They Say ... women lack ambition

Some people think ambition is solely about getting to the top. That’s not how I think about it.

— Gai McGrath

They Say ... women can't negotiate

What nonsense women can’t negotiate. Women negotiate all the time. They negotiate with their kids. They negotiate when they shop. They negotiate houses. They’re the buyers of most things. They’re negotiating constantly.

— Ann Sherry

They Say ... the workplace is a meritocracy

The guy you drink with isn’t necessarily the guy that does the best job. … It may make it easier to sit next to him so that your workplace is more pleasant but is he actually going to do a better job?

— Olivia Engel

They Say ... that women can't have children and a senior level career

I know a number of women in my age group particularly who are looking to have children but they’re hiding it, you know. We’re keeping secret our plans.

— Angela French

“They Say ...” is produced as part of FINSIA’s Diversity Dividend initiative. It is a companion series to the breakthrough Lightbulb Moments video series featuring interviews with leading male executives who reveal their personal moment of transformation on diversity. You can watch the series here.

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