The FINSIA's CPD scheme is designed to reflect professional requirements. All activities are categorised into two types of learning, referred to as structured and unstructured.

FINSIA will also recognise relevant internal training and other relevant external activities as long as it is relevant to your role and meets our requirements.

Workshop Structure 1


Defined as activities with the express purpose of learning. Examples: 

I have attended a:

  • Company briefings/updates
  • Exam training course
  • Conference or CPD event
  • Workshops/professional forums

I have developed others by:

  • Chairing or presenting an industry relevant event
  • Being a member of industry related board, panel or committee
  • Developing and assessing exam questions
  • Syllabus exam panel
  • Training or briefing staff and colleagues on industry relevant topics
  • Writing industry articles, workbooks and journals
  • Contributing towards learning materials

I have watched or listened to:

  • A verifiable webcast

I have undertaken:

  • Sitting exams
  • Verifiable eLearning
  • Exam revision material
Unstructured CPD


Unplanned activities with no pre-determined learning objective or outcome. Examples:

I have attended an:

  • Informal meeting with no pre-determined learning purpose

I have developed others by:

  • Informal coaching and mentoring of staff on industry relevant topics

I have watched or listened to:

  • Watching TV programs on relevant topics
  • Unverifiable pod and web casts, and web streams

I have undertaken

  • Research

I have read relevant publications:

  • Financial Review
  • InFinance
  • The Standard
  • The Insights Review
  • Online news service
  • Industry journals
  • Educational material with specific learning outcomes i.e. AJAF

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