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Think: Business Futures

On this episode of Think: Business Futures, we speak with early career researcher, Alex Belli, about choice and consumer well being. Alex discusses the difference in decision making between ‘maximisers’ and ‘satisficers.’ Plus, David calls his friend Peter in to the studio to explain how he maximises his decision making at every opportunity. David calls on Peter to assist with the big decisions.
We discussed:
● The difference in decision making between ‘maximisers’ and ‘satisficers’
● Impacts of decision making on consumer well-being
● The paradox of choice


Women in Finance 

A panel of female industry leaders shared their insights, experiences and thoughts on how the finance industry can progress and accelerate change in diversity at a sell-out event in Melbourne in February. 

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China’s potential for huge profits

Five reasons why investors will get big returns from China in FINSIA’s latest podcast from a veteran fund manager. 

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Teamwork turns boutique asset manager into a $10bn player

Unique teamwork ethos turns boutique asset management firm Capital Four into a $10bn player in just over a decade. Fund managers at Capital Four set up the deal for Macquarie to buy Danish telecom giant TDC.

Hear about their strategy from founder Sandro Näf.

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US economic forecaster serves warning to Australia over trade war

US economic forecaster serves warning to Australia over trade war between Donald Trump and China.

Listen to S&P Ratings chief US economist Beth Ann Bovino talk to FINSIA about the tricky road ahead.

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Professional Qualifications, Royal Commission submission and the UK experience

Chartered Banker Institute managing director Giles Cuthbert - whose professional standards courses have been sat by hundreds of thousands of people in the UK and around the globe - sits down with our chief executive Chris Whitehead for a frank discussion about what needs to be done to address the trust deficit.

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Professionalism, Professional Qualifications and the Royal Commission

Our podcast with Giles Cuthbert, Managing Director Chartered Banker Institute, where we discuss Professionalism, Professional Qualifications, the Royal Commission and the UK experience.

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AI tools: Enabling better decision making

In this podcast, Harry Toukalas, Group Managing Partner, Blackhall & Pearl discusses how AI tools are analysing social media and other information sources to identify behaviours and patterns to enable better decision making.

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AI Predictive Tool Analysis

In this podcast, John Watters, Co-founder and CEO of Informed Position discusses the AI assets his company has developed to provide extremely high accuracy price and point position predictions for use in automated trading platforms.

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Integrity Matters

Our podcast with Simon Culhane CEO of Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, where we discuss ethics, integrity and the UK experience.

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Disruption in the new economy; portfolio careers; diversity in venture capital

In this podcast, Caitlin Iles, Partner at Capital xx, discusses her experience in the venture capital space, women’s role as the biggest disrupter in the new economy, how to tap into this great commercial opportunity, ‘portfolio careers’, the value mentoring, the fourth industrial revolution and the role digital plays in how connected and disconnected society has become.

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How the lure of profit-based incentives affects the decisions we make

New research results into risk culture across the financial services sector, based on a Macquarie University experimental study that is a first of its kind ever to be conducted with over 300 financial services executives. This study of risk management behaviour focused on compliance with risk policy – the minimum standard currently required of finance professionals.

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Crowd Sourced Equity Funding (CSEF)

In July 2017, FINSIA delivered  a national roundtable series for senior members on Crowd Sourced Equity Funding (CSEF) with Will Leitch, CEO of Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB). ASSOB is the world’s first CSEF platform. The topic of discussion was on the evolution and disruptive capacity of CSEF.

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Fintech series ep 6 (final): Blockchain, the new frontier

Blockchain is the great whodunnit story of finance. Its mysterious creator, Satoshi Nakamoto (if that is their real name) has circumvented traditional financial transactions by developing a decentralised way to establish relationships of trust between peers. 

In this final episode in the fintech series, producer David Hardaker talks to David Gee, CIO of MetLife Japan; Daniel Biondi, Fellow and CTO, Financial Services at Hewlett Packard Enterprise; and Ripple Labs founder Dillip Rao about the many exciting uses for blockchain technology in financial services. 

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Fintech series ep 5: Investing in good ideas

Great ideas don't always attract investor backing, with start-ups in the fintech space facing significant barriers to access funding. 

In this episode, producer David Hardaker talks to Ben Heap, the founder of H2 Ventures, a leading fintech investing firm, about what's needed to encourage transformative innovation. Partly its regulation, but having a culture that encourages people to have a go plays an equally important role. 

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Fintech series ep 4: On the ground at Stone & Chalk

Innovators in advice, payments and data analytics; Stone & Chalk's residents are creating tools, products and platforms that are poised to profoundly change Australian financial services. 

In this episode, producer David Hardaker talks to the people behind start-ups Mafematica, Adviser Ratings, Data Republic and Ripple Labs about their innovations and the value of the Stone & Chalk community. 

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Fintech series ep 3: Stone & Chalk, innovation is in the name

Stone & Chalk, Sydney's second fintech hub, opened in 2015. The hub's ethos is that there are things set in stone in financial services (regulation, consumer protection), but everything else is written in chalk. 

In this episode, series producer David Hardaker talks to Alex Scandurra, the CEO of Stone & Chalk, about the collaborative effort that is connecting the business community and government with innovative start-ups.

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Fintech series ep 2: Jost Stollmann, the born disrupter

An act of destiny bought Jost Stollmann to Australia in 2004. In the years since, he has established Tyro; the first tech company in Australia to gain a full banking licence. 

Jost has also established Tyro Fintech Hub, a home for entrepreneurs with ideas that can disrupt financial services. 

In episode two of this series, producer David Hardaker talks to Jost about what it takes to disrupt the financial order and meets residents of Tyro Fintech Hub. 

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Fintech series ep 1: Asking the big question…

Will digital innovators kill the incumbents of banking and finance? 

They're certain to radically alter the dominance of the Big Four banks predicts Ben Heap, founding partner of H2 Ventures, who expects that a new industry player will rank in the top five financial institutions in 10 years. 

In our first episode in a six-part series, producer David Hardaker talks to Kate Carruthers, Chief Data Officer at UNSW, and Alex Scandurra, CEO of fintech hub Stone and Chalk, for their take on the impacts and opportunities for finance in a period of disruption. 

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