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What is CPD?

Completing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) recognises your commitment to lifelong learning. In a rapidly changing world, it helps you to keep your knowledge and skills up to date.

FINSIA members are required to complete CPD on an annual basis.  


Support your Career

CPD strengthens your personal brand and helps you to demonstrate your commitment to lifelong learning.


Evaluate Your Learning

Address your knowledge gaps to build knowledge and skills


Enhance your leadership

CPD provides you with the opportunity to build your leadership.

What are my CPD requirements?

Existing members

Existing members* are required to complete 14 hours of CPD per calendar year:

  • Ten hours must be structured learning and include a minimum of one hour in structured ethics. Up to four hours of unstructured learning is accepted.


(*If you hold the Chartered Banker qualification your CPD requirement is different. See below)

FINSIA does not intend to duplicate CPD requirements. If you have to complete CPD due to a regulatory obligation or as part of maintaining your role, FINSIA will accept this CPD and will not require you to complete additional CPD activities.


Members who have completed the Chartered Banker qualification

Members who have a Chartered Banker qualification are required to complete 35 hours of CPD per calendar year including five hours in ethics:

  • Of these 35 hours, at least 21 hours must be structured learning. Up to 14 hours of unstructured learning is accepted.


New members

The CPD requirement will be calculated on a pro-rata basis depending on the month of membership. If a new member joins after 31 October there will not be a CPD for that year and a full CPD plan will be allocated at the start of the next calendar year.

If you are on a career break or parental leave, please contact us to apply for an exemption.

Retired members do not generally have to complete CPD unless you are a retired member who wants to maintain your Chartered Banker postnominal. In this case you will be required to complete CPD.

Structured and Unstructured Learning

  • Structured
  • Unstructured

Structured learning are activities that have the express purpose of learning and often have a defined learning objective or outcome.

When you attend, watch or listen to:

  • Company briefings/updates
  • Conference or CPD event
  • Workshops/professional forums
  • A verifiable webcast

When you have developed others by:

  • Chairing or presenting an industry relevant event
  • Being a member of industry related board, panel or committee
  • Developing and assessing exam questions
  • Syllabus exam panel
  • Training or briefing staff and colleagues on industry relevant topics
  • Writing industry articles, workbooks and journals
  • Contributing towards the development of FINSIA learning materials
  • Participating in the FINSIA mentoring program

Unstructured learning are activities with no defined learning objective or outcome.

When you attend, watch or listen to:

  • Informal meeting with no pre-determined learning purpose
  • Watching TV programs on relevant topics
  • Unverifiable pod and web casts, and web streams

When you have read relevant publications:

  • Financial Review
  • InFinance
  • The Standard
  • The Insights Review
  • Online news service
  • Industry journals

When you have undertaken:

  • Research

When you have developed others by:

  • Informal coaching and mentoring of staff on industry relevant topics

For more detail on structured and unstructured learning please refer to the CPD Policy.

525.26 KB
Continuing Professional Development Policy

Download our Continuing Professional Development Policy for more information of what it means for you.

How do I gain CPD?

FINSIA offers a range of different learning activities to help you meet your CPD requirements including:


  • Professional qualifications, microlearning courses, workshops
  • Attending relevant FINSIA events and webinars
  • The FINSIA mentoring program
  • Reading publications such as InFinance, the Standard or the Insights Review


FINSIA will recognise relevant internal employer learning and development as CPD. We will also accept CPD completed externally where it is relevant to your role.

How do I log my CPD hours?

Go to my CPD Tracker

You have access to a personalised CPD log as part of your membership. To log your CPD follow these simple four steps.


Log in to the member portal


Go to My CPD


Go to My CPD Tracker


Upload your achievements

Any non-FINSIA CPD that you complete will need to be uploaded into your CPD log.

Each year a number of members will be randomly selected for a CPD Audit. If you are selected in this audit process you will be required to produce evidence of completion, such as a certificate of completion or statement of attainment.

Go to my CPD Tracker

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