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  • 2. login to the member portal
  • 3. select Continuous Professional Development from the top left menu
  • 4. upload your achievements



What is CPD? 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the process of learning and developing your knowledge and skills whilst you work. This shows colleagues, clients and the regulator that you are committed to upholding conduct and competency within the Financial Services Industry.

At FINSIA we offer you opportunities to develop your expertise through online resources, professional qualifications, events and publications. 



Mandatory CPD Requirements 

Our new mandatory CPD requirements will come into effect in January 2019 which means CPD is now mandatory for new and existing members. Some exemptions may apply, please see our FAQs for more info. 




Demonstrate your professionalism

Undertaking CPD shows that you are invested in your career, and committed to your ongoing learning.


Evaluate your learning

Enables you to recognise your knowledge gaps and helps you to address these. 


Enhance your employability 

CPD strengthens your personal branding, employability skills, and is a key differentiator in your professional career profile.

CPD Themes and Knowledge Areas


What does this mean for me?

Existing members

As an existing member you are required to complete 14 hours of CPD on an annual basis to maintain your membership, with 10 hours minimum being structured learning - One hour must be in Ethics and Integrity. Exemptions may apply please see our FAQs.

Please refer to our CPD policy for more information.

New members

As a new member who is not undertaking our qualifications, you are required to complete 14 hours of CPD on an annual basis to maintain your membership, with 10 hours minimum being structured learning - One hour must be in Ethics and Integrity.

Please refer to our CPD policy for more information.

Members undertaking professional qualifications

As a member undertaking professional qualifications you are required to complete a certain number of hours of CPD per annum in order to maintain your post-nominals. These requirements vary according to the qualification undertaken and they must include ethics and integrity components. 

Please refer to our CPD policy for more information.

CPD hours to maintain

How can you gain CPD?


The FINSIA's CPD scheme is designed to reflect professional requirements. All activities are categorised into two types of learning, referred to as structured and unstructured.

FINSIA will also recognise internal training and other external activities as long as it is relevant to your role and aligns with our CPD themes and knowledge areas. 






CPD Attainment Example


Recording non-FINSIA CPD 

Activities of other professional bodies or training providers will be admissible, but all CPD logged has to be professionally relevant to the member and of high quality. Members will need to demonstrate the professional relevance of an entry on their CPD log and will need to provide sufficient evidence if they are selected for audit. Please refer to the policy on Approving External CPD.  

FINSIA reserves the right to decline CPD activity that does not meet its requirements. Please email [email protected] with any questions regarding the relevance of certain activities. 

Keeping CPD records online

FINSIA CPD log is accessible through the member portal and allows members to track record their CPD hours. Any structured activities undertaken with FINSIA will be automatically recorded into the log. External CPD will need to be uploaded into the log by members. 

Log in CPD

Find out more

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