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Move the dial on women’s leadership in financial services

The Women in FINSIA committee has spearheaded many of the initiatives in FINSIA's Diversity in Financial Services campaign including regular events, research and advocacy.

They say series

In the "The Say..." series

In the “They Say ...” series, four female executives dismantle four big career-stoppers, the things “they” say about women at work.

Watch the series

Your Diversity Council representatives

Linda Maniaci SF FIN
Deputy Chair
Maebehe Garcia F FIN
Gavin Nelson SA FIN
Cuscal Limited
Malini Raj SF FIN
Sonja Steiner F FIN
Colonial First State
Anne Voursoukis F FIN
BT Financial Group
Wayne Atkinson
Natalie Yan-Chatonsky A FIN
Full Time Lives
Lisa Lintern A FIN
Lintern Communications
Helen Lorigan SF FIN
Venture Partner